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What makes us different

Professional Renovation Cleaning Services

At Parker Dumpsters we provide the best construction cleanup services. We understand that construction cleanup is very different from residential and commercial cleanup. It is an even more delicate process. At construction sites, there is a lot more danger to work than in any residential or commercial area. There is often ladder work, heavy lifting, and large debris removal required. Therefore, this type of cleanup is done by our special team. Our team members who come for construction cleaning are highly professional and have years of experience in this field. Also, they are timely trained in our company to make sure they keep you safe and stay safe themselves during the work. They will take care of each and everything for you with their efficient and effective work.

Post Construction Services
Process of work

Our Professional Teamwork Of Cleaning Building Trash

When you book a quote with us our team will reach your place and take a detailed tour of your place. They will check every detail, including the area, the amount of trash, the size of trash and then they will evaluate that how they will work. They will inform you about everything, what type of products they are going to use, what sized dumpsters will be required, and how many days they will take to complete the whole process. And finally, tell you about the price of the whole project. Once you agree with all the terms and the proposal then they will start the work.

What Can Be Expected From Our Construction Cleanup Service?

In our construction cleanup service you will get:

Pre-Construction Services

We not only provide cleaning service after the construction process but also before the construction starts. For instance, if you are going to start construction at a place then you will need to remove the already placed waste from there. Our crew will come to your place and clean all the stuff and make your property ready for construction work.

Post-Construction Services

When the construction is completed and your property needs to be heavily cleaned then our crew will come and do it all for you. We provide the most effective cleanup service after construction. We will help you with the removal of heavy debris, metals, and waste that can’t be easily removed. Our team is highly experienced in these types of services and will clean your place safely.

Cleaning Lights

It is the most delicate process of cleaning. Handling the lights is a very crucial process, one mistake can destroy them. But don’t worry, as we deal with your lights very carefully. We make sure that every appliance remains safe during our construction services. Especially, lights get dirty, and dust gets gathered in the corners of the lights that are unable to be reached easily. But we know how to carefully clean every part of light while keeping them completely safe.

Spot Wall Cleaning

We know your newly painted walls shouldn’t have any spots. Construction of any part of the house can leave some bad marks on your walls. That looks too awful and can destroy the whole look of your house. Therefore, we make sure to clean your walls nicely. So your whole house can look pretty. Our crew knows which products will nicely clean the walls without destroying the paint.

Wiping Windows And Interior Glass

Yes, we go into this many details to make sure your construction area looks extremely clean. Our team will also clean all the windows of your house or office and thoroughly clean all the interior glass of your property. We will use proper cleaners to make the glasses at your place shine and make your property look beautiful.

Debris Removal

When all the areas are finally cleaned then we take all the debris out of your place. No matter what is the size of the waste material we will remove it all and clear your property. We make sure there is even not a single thread left behind. From heaviest to small debris, we will remove it all. And make sure you see a clean property only.

So, next time whenever you need a construction cleanup make sure to contact us. And enjoy our most professional construction cleanup service.

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